ACTB launches Easter-Ramadan promo

Staff and CEO of ACTB officially launch the Easter-Ramadan Promotion

By Yusufu S Bangura

Call to Business (ACTB), a microfinance institution, officially launched its first Easter-Ramadan promotion on Monday, March 11th, at their head office in Brookfield, Freetown.

The promotion aims to express gratitude to their valued customers nationwide.

During the launch, attendees were informed about the array of items that customers have the chance to win, including ACTB branded pens and cups, bags of rice, gallons of vegetable oil, prayer mats, key holders, and more.

CEO David A Kamara emphasized that ACTB sees itself as a community of business individuals who believe they are called by God into business to create resources and influence their surroundings positively.

Kamara outlined the corporate vision of ACTB, aiming to bring prosperity to every home in Sierra Leone in terms of financial, social, and abundant life. He expressed their commitment to delivering top-notch financial services for the benefit of all Sierra Leoneans in alignment with sustainable development goals.

Highlighting the services provided by ACTB, Kamara mentioned Micro-enterprise Loan, SME Loan, School Development Loan, Osusu savings SMS Loan, Agriculture Loan, Kekeh Loan, school development loan, and Student Loan.

The CEO acknowledged that this promotion marks a significant event for ACTB, being their first since 2007. Despite facing challenges such as the Ebola pandemic, the COVID-19 pandemic, and currency fluctuations, ACTB has emerged stronger over its 15 years of existence. Kamara thanked their over 30,000 clients across the country, whether active borrowers or depositors, for their continuous support.

Marketing Manager Rockslyn Alwyn Findlay explained that the launch aimed to symbolically introduce the Easter-Ramadan promotion, emphasizing its significance as ACTB’s inaugural promotion. The purpose of the launch was to mobilize deposits, increase awareness, and give back to society.

Findlay clarified that customers, both existing and potential, can participate in the promotion. He said to win prizes individuals need to visit any of ACTB’s 12 branches for money transfer services.

He said the promotion, designed to coincide with the religiously tolerant Easter-Ramadan period, ensures that there is something for everyone, with the type of prize determined by the amount involved in the transaction.

Importantly, he said participation is not restricted to ACTB account holders; anyone utilizing their branches for money remittance services during the promotion is eligible to win.


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