Accused remanded for alleged murder


By Elizabeth J. Kamara

Alpha Kamara made an appearance before Magistrate Mark Ngegba of the Pademba Road Court No.1 for the alleged murder of Abu Baker Munu.

The accused person is standing trial on one count charge to wit murder contrary to Section 1of the Offence Against the Person Act of 1861 as repealed and replaced by the Abolition of the Death Penalty Act 2021 Act No.1of 2022.

Police alleged that the accused person on 14th August, 2023, at Kissy Town, Waterloo in Freetown with intent, murdered one Abu Baker Conteh.

Alfred Ibrahim Conteh says he recognised the accused person and the now deceased and recalled on Monday 14th August 2023.

 He said he was at his business place at 2pm when the accused person met him and made a complaint that the deceased person had his chain he had loaned from him.

He said the accused informed him that he had brought the deceased’s money, two hundred and forty thousand Old Leones (OLe240.00) and that he wanted his chain back.

He further said that the accused had pleaded with the deceased to give him back his chain but he refused.

He also said that he tried calling them to attention so that he could settle the issue but by the time he was about to do so he met both the accused and the now deceased fighting. 

He further said that the accused person during the fight took out pepper spray, sprayed it everywhere so that nobody could separate them.

He said he went to the police station and called some police officers, but by the time they arrived there the now deceased was in bad condition  and on their way to the station the victim passed away.

Lawyer Hindolo Gavoh represented the accused person in court and the matter was adjourned to the 28th September 2023 for further hearings.


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