Accused in court for alleged fraud


By Elizabeth Kamara

Abdul Karim Conteh appeared before Magistrate Mark Ngegba of the Pademba Road Court No.1 for alleged fraud.

The accused person was standing trial on two count charges to wit fraud contrary to Section 32 (1) of the Larceny ACT 1916.

According to the particulars of offense, the accused person between the 1st March 2022 and the 15th March 2022, with intent to defraud, conspired together with other persons unknown to commit a crime to with obtaining money by false pretenses.

It was also alleged that the accused person on the 15th March 2022, at No.20 Wilberforce Street in Freetown, with intent to defraud, obtained the sum of ten thousand United States Dollars ($10, 000, 00), equivalent to the sum of two hundred and thirty five thousand New Leones (Nle235, 000, 00) from Hawa Kamara, by falsely pretending that he will facilitate a trip for her to the United States of America, knowing same to be false.

The witness, Hawa Kamara, recognised the accused person in the duck through her father and recalled on the 15th March.

She said she was at home when her father called her to meet him at his business centre at Kabala.

 She said  the next day she travelled  to Kabala and that on her  arrival, her father told her that he had a program to travel to the Uited States of America (USA), since she was her elder daughter.

She also said that her father told her that he will like her to meet the man that will facilitate the trip for her.

 She said  after two days herself together with her father left Kabala to Fdugu  to meet the man and that on their arrival they met the said accused.

 She said she was introduced to him by her father, adding that as they were discussing the accused asked her father to pay twenty thousand United States Dollars, but that they negotiated for fifteen thousand dollars and agreed to pay.

She also said that the accused told them to do a part payment of ten thousand United States Dollars, which they did while the accused gave her a receipt.

She said in six month time she tried to reach out to the accused, but to no avail.

She said she informed her lawyer about the issue and that after two months she was coming from her business place at night when she decided to pass through the accused residence.

She said she went home and informed her sister about it and that they went to the Criminal Investigations Department headquarters and made statement.

She also told the court that she was accompanied by police officers to the accused residence, but he was not seen there.

She said after the officers left she saw the said accused coming out of his house and that she captured him and took him to New England Ville Police Station.

The prosecutor sellu Tap told the court that the said accused was not coming to court since he was granted bail that he was fortunate to come today because he was captured at Makeni.

The matter was adjourned to the 20 November 2023 for further hearing.


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