21-year-old Sierra Leonean explains  journey of becoming a pilot

Abubakarr Talib Jalloh, a 21-years-old Sierra Leonean pilot

By Ibrahim Kabba Turay

21-year-old Abubakarr Talib Jalloh, a Sierra Leonean born in Makeni,Northern Sierra Leone, based in Canada, who is  currently studying Aviation and Tourism Management, has narrated to Concord Times his journey of becoming a pilot.

In an exclusive interview with Concord Times, Jalloh said his journey started while growing up as a child in Makeni, his home town.

He stated that his dream becomes a reality when he was moving with his parent on holiday to the city of Jordan, and that he got inspired more after he finally saw an airplane.

“I am currently studying a Business degree and Aviation and Tourism Management which is a pathway to getting my license to fly a plane. I started flying a plane since I was in second year, which is my best moment ever. As at now I have a private pilot license and I can now fly a plane,” he explained.

He disclosed that he has already done three years of the four year’s course which would qualify him to be a pilot.

“The journey to becoming a pilot is very hard but I have been able to go through all the difficulties and a few years from now I will officially become a pilot,” he said.

He noted that Sierra Leoneans, who desire to study aviation, should start off by studying engineering or doing something related to physics.

“In the next 5 years from now I will see myself working with big institutions in the world and flying huge jets. There are a few airlines I would like to work with like Kenya Airways,” he said. 

He called on the government of President Bio to see the need to introduce Aviation and Tourism Management studies in school, as there are many young people like him who want to become pilots, but the accessibility of the school is a big challenge

“I am calling on the government to open the space for more investors, to introduce flight schools, particularly near the Lungi International Airport, as that is a benefit to the country economically, and would create a good image of the country to the globe,” he appealed.


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