We’re in need of adequate water supply – Medical Superintendent

Medical Superintendent at the Macauley Street Government Hospital, Matilda King

By Ibrahim Kabba Turay

The Medical Superintendent at the Macauley Street Government Hospital, Matilda King, has noted that the Hospital is in dire need of adequate water supply to run their daily activities.

She revealed such to newsmen during a presentation ceremony of baby gears to new mothers by Breaking Boundaries with Innovation (BBI) at her hospital.

According to Dr. King, even though the hospital was making progress in some other areas, but they were faced with a host of challenges as well, and key among the hurdles she highlighted is water.

Dr. King  underscored that “We are getting water supply here intermittently, not regularly.

As one of the main government hospitals in Freetown, seeing hundreds of patients on a daily basis, it is, but must for the Macauley Street Government Hospital to be getting adequate water supply in order for it to be effective in providing the necessary services to its patients.

Aside from the water challenge, they are faced with at the hospital, the Medical Superintendent called for the hospital to be fenced.

“The hospital is also partly fenced, giving intruders the means to enter the unfenced axis of the hospital and wreak havoc despite the presence of security as the case may be,” she said.

Dr. King appealed to the government and non-governmental organizations to help them with their fence


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