2023 Presidential elections: Where the votes will come from?


In Sierra Leone, the distribution of registered voters provides important insights into the ethno-regional divisions and can indicate how political parties are likely to perform in the presidential elections.

According to the Electoral Commission Sierra Leone (EC-SL), a total of 3.4 million Sierra Leoneans are registered to vote.

The voter register reveals that Freetown (Western Urban) has the highest number of voters with 588,022, surpassing Western Rural with 341,764 registered voters.

Kenema and Pujehun, which are considered strongholds of the SLPP, have a combined total of 317,978 and 115,789 registered voters, respectively.

The North, which is traditionally the stronghold of the APC, and the Western Area, where the party is expected to perform well, account for 59.2% of the registered voters. On the other hand, the South and East regions make up 40.8% of the registered voters.

To facilitate the voting process, there will be 11,832 polling stations and 3,630 polling units across the country.


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