Youth jailed 12 months for house breaking

Siaka Steven Street High Court building

By Yusufu S. Bangura

After spending 11months on remand, 30-year-old building contractor, Karim Kommeh, has finally been sentenced to 12 months imprisonment by Justice Monfred Sesay of the Siaka Steven Street High Court in Freetown after he pleaded guilty to the offense of house breaking and larceny.

The convict was charged with one count indictment of house breaking and larceny contrary to Section 26 (1) of the Larceny Act 1916.

State prosecutor, Aruna Jalloh, alleged that the convict on the 14th December 2022 in Freetown broke into and entered the dwelling house of Abdul Aziz Koroma and stole his property, all to the total value of Nle 18, 110.00

After he pleaded guilty to the offense, Jalloh told the court that on the day of the incident, the complainant left his house at Kabba Road, Bathurst Village, to attend a wedding and in his absence, the accused broke the window to the complainant bedroom and gained access into the room and stole his personal property.

He said after the incident, 8-year-old boy, Joshua Bangura, who saw the convict entering the room, informed the complainant about the conduct of the convict. He said the convict was later arrested, investigated charged to court.

 He said the complainant was not in court during the proceedings and that the items were not retrieved from the convict.

After giving the brief fact of the matter, the convict pleaded with the Bench to temper him justice with mercy, stating that while in custody he learnt that doing bad is not good.

He added that he is the breadwinner of the family as he has an 8 month-old baby who needs his father.

However, Lawyer Randy S. Bangura from the Legal Aid Board made a plea of mitigation on behalf of the convict, noting that the convict is a first time offender of the law and that he is a very young man with brighter future ahead of him.

She further said the convict needs a second chance to make good use of his life, and pleaded with Justice Sesay to temper justice with mercy on the convict while giving down his judgment.

He added that the convict did not waste the court’s time by answering to the offense on his first appearance before the High Court.

Lawyer Bangura continued that the convict has been in custody for over ten months.

Meanwhile, Justice Sesay advised the convict to make good use of his age because as a young man he should engage in things that will benefit him, but not to engage in things that will destroy his future.


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