US Defense Attaché, administrative officers pays courtesy calls to SLPA

Group photo visiting team and SLPA officials

The United State Defense Attaché and the Administrative Officer of the United States Defense Attaché paid a courtesy visit to the newly appointed General Manager and Deputy  of the Sierra Leone Ports Authority (SLPA).

In a way of showing diplomatic goodwill aimed at fostering stronger bilateral ties, the US Defense Attaché and the Administrative Officer visited the Sierra Leone Ports Authority last week.

The main purposed of the visit was to extend congratulations to the newly appointed General Manager and Deputy General Manager, as well as introducing the new US Embassy Defense Team.

During the meeting, the US delegation warmly congratulated Mr. Yankuba Askia Bio, the newly appointed General Manager, and Mrs. Judith Boi Kosseh, his Deputy, on their recent appointments to lead the Sierra Leone Ports Authority.

 The US representatives acknowledged the pivotal role of the Ports in facilitating trade, economic growth, and regional connectivity.

n addition to conveying their felicitations, the US Defense Attaché took the opportunity to discuss matters of interest in Maritime Security (ISPS CODE), trade facilitation, and Ports Management.

Both parties emphasized the significance of collaboration in enhancing port operations, fortifying security measures, and addressing challenges related to piracy, illegal marine activities, and environmental concerns.

In his response,  the General Manager, Mr. Yankuba Askia Bio warmly welcomed the US delegation and expressed gratitude for the thoughtful gesture.

 He emphasized the importance of maintaining good international relations that promote peace, stability, and improved common basic interests.

Mr. Bio highlighted that the Sierra Leone Ports Authority is keen on developing strategic partnerships to improve economic cooperation and promote trade between the two countries.

He  emphasized that  the commitment to Port Security Excellence at the Authority, citing accelerated increases in the implementation of the ISPS over the past years.

Furthermore, the US Defense Attaché Team informed the General Manager of a proposed visit by a US Naval Ship to dock at the Port in September 2023.

Overall, the visit served as a testament to the strong and enduring relationship between the United States and Sierra Leone, symbolizing their shared commitment to prosperity and security in the Maritime domain and beyond.


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