UN Chief urges governments to preserve nature

Photo of a chimp in the forest of Sierra Leone

By Alfred Koroma

UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres has called on governments to develop ambitious national action plans that protect and preserve natural gifts, and put the planet on a path to healing.

 “Humanity’s war on nature is ultimately a war on ourselves. It’s time for the world to adopt a far-reaching biodiversity framework — a true peace pact with nature — and deliver a green, healthy future for all,” he Twitted.

He twitted just after delivering a speech on Wednesday at the beginning of the UN Biodiversity Conference (COP15) in Montreal, Canada. UN news report the conference is expected to set new goals for nature over the next decade

In his speech, the UN Chief called on developed countries to give developing countries more direct, simpler, and faster access to much-needed financing.

“We need developed countries to provide meaningful financial support for the countries of the Global South as custodians of the world’s natural wealth following centuries of exploitation and loss,” he said.

According to the Secretary General, about a million species are at risk of extinction. He noted that climate action and protection of biodiversity are two sides of the same coin.

 “We need governments to develop ambitious national action plans that protect and preserve our natural gifts, and put our planet on a path to healing,” Guterres is quoted by UN news further saying: “We need businesses and investors to put protection first in their business plans, and invest in sustainable production and extraction methods across every link of their supply chains.”

He called for regulatory frameworks and disclosure measures that end “greenwashing” and hold the private sector accountable.  He recognized the need to work side-by-side with indigenous peoples, local communities and youth, referring to them as “the most effective guardians of biodiversity”.


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