U.S. Embassy, Joint Operations Center build maritime capabilities


On August  1st , 2023, The U.S. Embassy Freetown Security Cooperation team installed additional electronic equipment at the Joint Operations Center in Murray Town. This new equipment will greatly enhance the capabilities of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) Maritime Wing in monitoring threats in the coastal waters of Sierra Leone.

The Joint Operations Center monitors watercraft off the coast of Sierra Leone and determines which watercraft poses a threat and decides what action to take against the vessel. The additional monitoring station will allow an additional set of eyes to monitor threats and calls for assistance and help prevent incidents. The equipment was donated by the United States to boost security operations in Sierra Leone.

 “Working with the RSLAF Maritime Wing to upgrade their system capabilities is a must,” noted Security Cooperation Chief Jeb Baker. “The safety and security of the citizens of Sierra Leone will always be a joint priority of both the Sierra Leonean and United States Governments.”


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