TDF engages children with disabilities in Waterloo


By Alfred Koroma

In a remarkable move, Thomas Disabled Foundation has on Saturday, March 2nd interacted with various children with disabilities and their parents in Waterloo, the outskirt of Freetown.

Established four years ago, Thomas Disabled Foundation or TDF works to ensure disable children in deprived communities get the required support and protection to make them feel equal in society. TDF does this by providing practical and emotional care as well as educational support to the children in a way that enables them have better lives.

The recent engagement was the second the Foundation has had with the kids in less than six months, after previously donating teaching and learning materials in October 2023 to boost their education.

Additionally, TDF is preparing to hold another meeting with the kids  this month, involving donation of food and clothing items to the children as help to their parents as they observe the Holy Month of Ramadan.

The Foundation has consistently offered these charities and many services to persons living with disabilities in the last four years, single-handedly funded by the CEO and Founder, Madam Christiana Thomas, a Sierra Leonean based in the UK. 

Presently, TDF is supporting fifty children with disabilities who are registered with the Foundation, providing them educational support, rehabilitation and other social needs.

During their engagement with the kids on Saturday, TDF Country Director, Mr. Abu Bakarr Koroma told Concord Times that most children living with disability in Sierra Leone are not adequately catered for in times of shelter, education and most of them often move around poorly dressed with tattered clothes.

“This is why the Thomas Disabled Foundation exists,” he said, “It was founded and dedicated to tackle those issues.”

Children receiving support from the Foundation were re-registered to update and maintain a comprehensive database of them at the event on Saturday.

“This informs us whenever we decide to plan activities to support the children,” TDF Country Director said, “The data also aids easy location of the children whenever we are visiting their various homes to check on their welfare.”

The gathering also brought together all the staff, volunteers and members of the Foundation, including the Co-Founder, Madam Jajah Obama.


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