SLPP North America Secretary-General blasts U.S, EU 

SLPP Secretary-General, North America Region, New England Chapter, Albert Hinga Jusu

Secretary General of the Sierra Leone People’s Party, North America Region’s New England Chapter, Albert Hinga Jusu, has charged that “the European Union, Carter Center and US Ambassador to Sierra Leone David Reimer allegedly induced and seduced senior military officers to overthrow the President Julius Maada Bio in the just aborted coup.” 

Speaking to this press from Boston, USA, Albert Hinga Jusu observed that “even before the first ballot was cast in the June elections, the European Election Entrepreneurs, Ambassador Reimer and Cater Center had engaged in political intrigues, exploited the diplomatic community in opportunistic, manipulative, vicious & devious ways for ‘regime change’ in Sierra Leone.” 

According to Secretary General Albert Hinga Jusu, “Ambassador David Reimer, the EU and Cater Center made themselves the catalyst for the regime change. Unfortunately, they have refused to change even after the people have spoken.”

Mr Jusu maintained “the triumph of democracy and enthronement of the wishes of the people which translate into the re-election of President Julius Maada Bio was a slap in their face. Instead of refrigerating the ingredients of our democracy, this guy and accompanying institutions have polluted it.”

Secretary Albert Jusu describes the June 24th general election “as a watertight election that will go down in history as one of the most peaceful, most free, most fair and most transparent election in the history of elections in Sierra Leone.”

 He further stated that “the result announced by the Electoral Commission is the collective dream, national aspiration and prayer of the people of Sierra Leone. Yet, some egocentric villains in the diplomatic community became the parochial voice of the dysfunctional opposition APC and futilely attempted to stop a president destined for greatness.”

Albert Hinga Jusu recollected that “When you lament about ‘statistical inconsistencies’ that do not exist, you lay the foundation for turmoil; you hold the country to ransom with impunity and unbridled arrogance.”

He reiterated “and the ignorant army officers were listening to you, Ambassador David Reimer, Cater Center and European Union. You were so determined to impose your clumsy, alcoholic, dubiously klepto-induced candidate on us that you sacrificed the safety of the citizens of Sierra Leone. Not even the peace and stability of our country could dwarf your naked quest.”

Referring directly to the US Ambassador and others, Mr Jusu echoed “Ambassador David Reimer, the army has been following the fog of your propaganda. The soldiers are privy to the Carter report riddled with ridicule. The sepulcher bashers of truth in the military heard the savage rumours of the European Union.” In the midst of all this Albert Jusu asks the rhetorical question “What else would you expect?” He furthered “Only a deluded citizen will fail to see the dreadful hate these diplomats have for peace & stability in Sierra Leone. Today, Ambassador David Reimer, the European Union and Cater Center are the problems we have in the country. They fertilized this coup and had the coup plotters succeeded, they would have quoted Ambassador Reimer, the EU and Cater Center to justify their disruption of democracy.” Your election credibility chorus has hoodwinked your listeners into believing that you mean well for Sierra Leone. No. You do not. We have no standard by which to measure the disaster that a successful coup would have brought on Sierra Leone fueled by your election fraud rhetoric. The voices of truth from UN, ECOWAS, AU, Commonwealth et al you have silenced and replaced with election denial incantations. You would have recruited Abach traders, manipulated them into believing that jumping on the streets and assaulting police officers is legitimate. Do you really see through the sham you have been selling in the name of election observation? When you see an APC politician, you see lie and deceit in human flesh, yet you were chasing the cloned APC executives for briefings like a sniffer dog around cocaine.

Secretary Albert Jusu believes “these guys will go down in history as vultures of diplomacy who inflicted fatal wounds on our democracy. You will be remembered as perverted political jackals who bastadized our clean and fair electoral process.”

Albert Hinga Jusu concludes “You will continue to sink into the abyss of moral debauchery as long as your policies are egged on sinister motives. In your leadership we were pregnant with hope but we have a miscarriage of justice. You put Sierra Leone between the blades of your political guillotine and these coup plotters would have chopped our heads off. Just in case you have forgotten: Osama Bin Laden did not fly the planes into the World Trade Center but he was as guilty as those who did it. Donald Trump did not march to the Capitol on January 6th but he is as guilty as those who did it. You may not have plotted to over His Excellency Rt Brig Julius Maada Bio; the constitutionally and legitimately elected president of the Republic of Sierra Leone but you are as guilty as those who did it.”


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