Sierra Leone Institute of Architects inducts inaugural Fellows


In a landmark event for the architectural community, the Sierra Leone Institute of Architects (SLIA) inducted it first-ever cohort of Fellows into the College of Fellows.

The ceremony, held at the New Brookfield’s Hotel in Brookfields, marked a significant milestone in the Institute’s history.

The event coincided with the birthday of Architect Carlton Carew, a former Honorary Secretary of the Institute and one of the distinguished honorees.

The attendees celebrated his special day by serenading him with a heartfelt rendition of the happy birthday song, adding a personal touch to the formal proceedings.

The new fellows included both living architects and posthumous honorees, recognizing their outstanding contributions to the field.

The posthumous awardees were Arc R.J. Olu-Wright, J.R Jarret-Yaskey, A.R. Mahdi, S.I. Matturie, M.A. Jalloh-Jamboria, G. Lewis, Akee Tuboku-Metzger, and J. Bundu. Among the living inductees were Arcs George Macauley, Koffie Gerber, J.B. Fullah, John M.B. Aruna, S.S. Allieu, S.M. Tholley, J.F. Koroma, Mrs. F. Easmon, Dr. R. Metzger, and Arc E.P. Ganda.

Some newly admitted fellows who could not attend the event were Architects G.A.T. Mason, Rudolph Hamelberg, Nigel Wakeham, Dephon Jenkins-Johnston, and Arc Jarrett Thorpe. Nonetheless, their contributions were duly acknowledged during the ceremony.

Prominent figures in the architectural field graced the occasion, including Arc Melissa Muhlemann, Arc Conrad Carlton-Carew, Arc Eugene J.O. Lisk, and Past President of the Institute, Arc Ibrahim N. Yillah.

The event was presided over by the President of the SLIA, Arc Manilius Garber, alongside Hon. Secretary General Arc Abel Onomake and Administrative Secretary Ms. Cassie Assirifi.

The families of the awardees also attended, adding to the event’s celebratory atmosphere.

The induction of these esteemed professionals marks a new chapter for the SLIA, setting a precedent for future recognitions and celebrating the legacy and ongoing contributions of Sierra Leonean architects.


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