ReNIP, NDA leaders disassociate from claims of aligning with SLPP


By Yusufu S. Bangura

Ahead of 24th June general elections, presidential candidate of the Republic National Independent Party (ReNIP), Beresford Victor Williams and the Chairman and Leader of National Democratic Alliance party (NDA), Mohamed Pateh-Ba, have distanced themselves from claims that they have declared support for the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP).

It could be recalled that on Tuesday 13th June, news went on social media that nine political parties have declared and endorsed President Bio’s re-election without a run-off.

“I, Beresford Victor Williams, leader of ReNIP and Mohamed Pateh-Bah, leader of NDA do hereby unequivocally distance ourselves from the declaration event of the Sierra Leone’s People’s Party (SLPP) for a second term, which took place on Tuesday 14 June, at the New Brookfield’s Hotel in Freetown,” they said.

ReNIP’s  presidential candidate reiterated that he was not a signatory or party to the declaration for the SLPP and do not endorse any Presidential candidate, but his humble self.

He added that he does positioned himself to transform the country into a Middle Income Economy as he tries to embrace democratic and prosperous future as he plans to transform Sierra Leone under the Hybrid Economy System.

“I want to unreservedly assure my voters, fans and supporters that I am actively campaigning as scheduled, and I am still robustly contesting to win the upcoming 24 June 2023 Presidential Election. And, I do believe that, with the genuine and realistic view as our aim to transform the Country, I will surely win the election,” he promised.

The political parties present during the declaration and endorsement of President Julius Maada Bio were Alliance Democratic Party (ADP), Peace and Liberation Party (PLP), Revolutionary United Front Party (RUFP), Citizens Democratic Party (CDP), United National People’s Party (UNPP), United Democratic Movement (UDM), National Unity Reconciliation Party (NURP) and the Running mate for the National Democratic Alliance party (NDA) was part of the event.


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