Religious leaders urge President Bio to sign 2022 Tobacco and Nicotine Act

Photo of cross section of inter religious council representatives and staff of focus 1000

By Jariatu S. Bangura

The Inter-Religious Council has urged President Julius Maada Bio to pen down his signature on the newly enacted Tobacco and Nicotine Control Act,2022 before the closure of the fifth Parliament.

The Act was unanimously passed into law in August 2022 and the public welcome such development in the sense that it would help minimize death related to smoking.

Statistics from the Ministry of Health and Sanitation reveals that from 2016 to 2018, a total of 4,125 cancer cases were registered with 3002 death.

During an engagement organized by Focus 1000 at the Council of Churches Headquarter, Kingharman Road, a representative from Christian Action Group, Rev. Mrs. Muriel O. P Williams said, they commended the work done by Parliament for the enactment of the law which means that they have the country and its people at heart.

She said the religious body is appealing that the President speedily append his signature to the law before the end of parliament.

She noted that if the law be signed, it will help save lives, ensure a healthy population and better future generation.

Also from the Islamic Action Group, Shiek Ibrahim Sesay said it is but important that the President signs the law as the holy books also provide warnings that whatever that is harmful to the body should not be encouraged in the community.

He said most of the youth that are taking those hard drugs are potential future leaders for the country but once they have been destroyed by the number of intakes of these drugs, they would not be able to represent the people well in Parliament, councils, civil and public services.


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