Political Parties Regulation Act enacted


By Jariatu S Bangura

Members of Parliament have enacted the Political Parties Regulations Commission (PPRC) Act, 2022, with some amendments.

The Act seeks for the continuation of the PPRC and to provide for the regulation and registration of political parties in accordance with Section 35 of the 1991 Constitution.

According to the Deputy Minister of Justice, Umaru Napoleon Koroma, the new law is set to transform PPRC to Political Parties Regulations Commission for the commission to be able to regulate political parties with more powers.

The Commission will also regulate political parties’ conducts to comply with proper provisions.

He said the Act also seeks to give power to the Commission and ensure that should political parties fail to follow the provisions, they will be deregistered by the commission.

He said if a political party is not satisfied with the decision of the commission, it now has the right to go to the Supreme Court to seek remedy, adding that political parties have  right to conduct themselves properly and failing to do so with the new law, Parliament has  given powers to the Commission to deregistered them.

He said only the Supreme Court has the power to reverse the decision of the Commission, to reinstate any political party that would be deregistered.

He said the new law also provides that political parties should at least have a membership of 800 people in each of the electoral district across the country for them to be registered as a political party.

He said if political parties want to remain as parties, they should be able to comply with the constitution of the country.


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