PLP presidential candidate sails through nomination

PLP presidential hopeful Nabieu Musa Kamara on the right and running mate Saidu A.K Mannah on the left

By Alhaji Haruna Sani

The Peace and Liberation Party (PLP) has yesterday, May 4 joined four other political parties to be certified by the Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone (ECSL), following a successful nomination process at the ECSL Headquarters on Tower Hill in Freetown.

PLP nominates Nabieu Musa Kamara as its presidential candidate and Saidu A.K Mannah as vice presidential candidate for the June 24 presidential elections.

The successful nomination and endorsement of the PLP presidential candidate and vice came after four political parties, including the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC), the incumbent Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP),the People Democratic Party (PDP) and the United Democratic Movement (UDM),presidential candidates have been nominated.

“Having received your nomination as presidential and vice presidential candidate to who these nomination papers relate, and to which you have stated that you are qualified for election for the office of president and vice president respectively of the Republic of Sierra Leone by statutory declaration therein, I hereby provisionally accept your nomination to contest for the above offices pending any objection to the Supreme Court of Sierra Leone,” ECSL Chairperson,Mohamed Konneh told  aspirants.

Asked as to how he wish to maintain peace and order during the electioneering process, PLP-Nabieu Musa Kamara said as the name of the party implies, they will always try as best as they could to maintain peace and order, adding that they will call on their supporters to remain peaceful and law abiding for the sake of national cohesion.

The Peace and Liberation Party is a political party in Sierra Leone formed by followers of form junta leader, Johnny Paul Koroma. In the elections held on 14 May 2002, the party secured 3.6% of  the votes cast and two out of 112 seats securing 54,474 votes.

The party’s candidate at the presidential elections, Johnny Paul Koroma ruled as military dictator from 1997 to 1998 after deposing the elected government of Ahmad Tejan Kabbah. During the Sierra Leone Civil War, Koroma’s junta group was known as the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC).


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