Pepel Port management: Leone Rock enjoys community solidarity


In a powerful display of support, communities along the rail corridor  at Pepel, Kamasondo Chiefdom, Port Loko District, came together and stood in solidarity with Kingho Railway and Port, a subsidiary company of Leone Rock Metal Group (LRMG).

This gathering was aimed at refuting allegations made by Arise IIP and showcasing their genuine support for LRMG.

The event, attended by esteemed individuals including the North West Resident Minister, Regent Paramount Chief, PC Kombra Bai Lawyer, chiefdom speaker, town chiefs, landowners, Kamasondo youths, Pepel community policemen, women organizations, paramount chiefs, and other community stakeholders, was held to emphasise the positive impact LRMG has had on the region.

“LRMG already has over 5,000 employees and with their forward thinking expertise and their recent developments like owning a shipping vessel, Leone Fortune, it is evident that more and more employment is coming and opportunities for Sierra Leone is apparent” PC Bai Forkie Fenka announced.

He continued “ the people of Sierra Leone, especially communities along the Islands and rail corridor need LRMG and not a company that has  lost our trust the moment they lied about our support. We are with LRMG! We Stand with Kingho!”.

During the gathering, Mr. Saidu Abass Bangura, chiefdom speaker, eloquently highlighted LRMG’s commendable accomplishments in just two years, surpassing those of previous companies in terms of vital infrastructure development. With undeniable evidence of their efforts, such as solar lights in the 8 community islands, the construction of a police office, modern latrines, resource centers, schools, and scholarships, Mr. Bangura called upon the government, emphasizing, “Do not let us down by taking this away from us.”

Pa Sorie Kamara, the town chief, echoed Mr. Bangura’s sentiments, underscoring the positive impact of LRMG’s construction of the Kakim school, which has greatly benefited the children of the island. Alhaji A. M Kamara, the Land Owners Chairman, emphasized LRMG’s adherence to community regulations and contrasted their commitment with the mere promises made by Arise IIP, stating firmly, “Arise IIP does not have the people at heart; they are just making mere promises to the government, but LRMG is a ‘Tok and Do’ company.”

The youth leaders also shared their perspectives, highlighting the numerous impactful projects implemented by LRMG, such as the “Say no to Violence” and “Say no to Drug Abuse” campaigns, as well as the construction of the bike riders association office. SCHO, Phoday Kamara, Kamasondo chiefdom supervisor, shed light on LRMG’s rehabilitation of health centers, latrines, and wells, pleading with the government, “Please do not take these facilities away from us.”

Fatmata Dura Kargbo, the Women in Agriculture leader, commended LRMG for its commitment not only to mining but also to replenishing the soils by actively engaging and supporting women in agriculture. The representatives from the various sectors emphasized LRMG’s unwavering support for local customs and traditions, as well as their dedication to uplifting island and rail corridor communities.

In his keynote address, the Resident Minister called upon the government to continue supporting LRMG and working with them for the betterment of all. The gathering concluded with all present reading and signing a gratitude and solidarity letter addressed to His Excellency President Bio, further demonstrating their unwavering support for LRMG.

This unified show of support from communities along the Rail corridor in Sierra Leone highlights the positive transformations brought about by responsible mining companies like Leone Rock Metal Group. It serves as a testament to the genuine investments made by LRMG in vital infrastructure, education, healthcare, community empowerment, and environmental sustainability. As Sierra Leone continues to move forward on its path of progress, it is crucial for the government to recognize and support responsible mining companies like LRMG for the benefit of the nation as a whole.


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