Over ten ambassadors from Africa visit China Kingho Group

Some of the visiting ambassadors shaking hands with Kingho workers

On the morning of 4th February, 2023, Mr. Ding Shichao, President of China Kingho Group, accompanied the ambassadors and diplomatic staff from more than 10 African countries, including South Africa, Senegal, Benin, Rwanda, Mali, Madagascar, Malawi, Uganda, Lesotho and Chad.

They arrived at “China’s National Coal Clean Recycling Demonstration Project” — Xinjiang Kingho Group coal-to-natural gas recycling Economy Industrial Park for field visit.

 Xinjiang Kingho coal-to-natural gas Project is one of the large-scale clean coal utilization projects invested and constructed by China Kingho Group in 2009.

The foreign guests visited the coal-to-natural gas production Plant Park, greenhouse gas emission reduction park and enterprise industry exhibition hall.

During the visit, the technical staff of Kingho explained the technology application of clean and efficient utilization of coal and greenhouse gas emission reduction.

Through the presentation of China Kingho Group, demonstrated the integration and development of domestic and international resources, the industrial development of modern coal chemical industry, and the green and low-carbon development direction of modern coal chemical industry in the future.

The foreign guests highly recognized the advanced modern industrialization level and clean coal utilization technology of China Kingho, praised the company’s foresight in environmental protection and green and low carbon, and showed great interest in the “carbon sink forest” and “desert green algae carbon fixation and sand fixation” technology.

 They also had interactive exchanges on the feasibility of using desert green algae carbon reduction and carbon fixation technology in Africa. At the same time, the foreign guests also praised China Kingho’s mature project operation and international investment experience in Australia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and other countries, and expressed their hope to strengthen communication and cooperation with China Kingho in the related industries.

They also expressed their sincerely warm welcome and invitation for President Mr. Ding Shichao to visit their countries for further cooperation.

After the visit, the foreign guests had lunch with Kingho employees of various ethnic groups in the company’s halal restaurant.

This visit has enhanced African countries’ understanding of China modern industrial development and created favorable conditions for further expanding China-Africa cooperation in multiple fields and diversification.

China Kingho Group, as a pioneer and practitioner operations in Sierra Leone, adheres to the mission of “making good use of limited resources, promoting the industrialization process of Africa and realizing green, low-carbon and sustainable development”, and is committed to building itself into an international comprehensive resource enterprise.


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