Orange Money, B2B engage SMEs in empowerment seminar


By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

Orange Sierra Leone, in collaboration with B2B Money Transfer, hosted a one-day seminar on Thursday to engage small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in discussions on empowering small businesses in the country.

The seminar, held at the City Council Auditorium in Freetown, aimed to gather feedback from customers to enhance service delivery.

Achmed Mansaray, Head of Direct Sales, highlighted the seminar as a unique initiative by B2B Money Transfer. He emphasised the importance of engaging with service users to identify ways to improve services.

The Deputy Chief Commercial Officer (B2B) at Orange Sierra Leone, stated that the company prioritises the needs of its customers. She mentioned their partnership with B2B to support SMEs and facilitate digitalization, making business operations easier for their clients.

David Mansaray, CEO of Orange Money, outlined several services they offer to support business operations, including the bank-to-Orange wallet service. He also revealed plans to start offering loans to SMEs using their services.

Cheikh Mbaye, Acting CEO of Orange Sierra Leone, expressed the company’s commitment to exploring ways to help customers enhance their businesses, underscoring the continuous efforts to support SME growth and development.


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