NRA set to collect NLe14.972 billion in 2024 


By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

Commissioner-General of the National Revenue Authority (NRA), Jeneba Kpaka-Bangura, has told journalists that the Commission is targeting to collect revenue of about NLe14.972 billion in 2024.

She noted that with the positive start of the 2024 financial year, they were hopeful to hit their target.

She was speaking at the Ministry of Information and Civic Education weekly press briefing where she stated  that, since they were unable to implement all their plans in the 2023 financial year,  the Ministry of Finance added that into the 2024 target and Parliament approved the above  total amount as 2024 target, which is 48% more than the 2023 target. 

She said they didn’t  implement most of their plans due to many disturbing factors, including the 2023 national elections, the November 26, 2023, security breach in in the country, among  others.

She said the Commission, together with the Ministry of Finance, has agreed that plans that were not implemented in 2023 should be utmost priority in 2024, before moving to the 2024 target.

She said they were positive that they would meet their 2024 target because they have gotten a very good start by collecting over NLe34 million daily.

Also updating the press, Bank Governor Dr. Ibrahim Stevens, said the Bank of Sierra Leone has taken positive steps in collecting the old currency from the market.

 He said after the deadline of 31st March for commercial banks collection of the old Leones currency, the Bank of Sierra Leone and its agent-Apex Bank, will continue to collect the old Leones note.


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