NP not a party to fraudulent practices


By Amin Kef (Ranger)

Reports have surfaced of dishonest pump attendants exploiting customers at various filling stations by falsely claiming that the government has increased the fuel price above NLe 30 per liter. These attendants are overcharging customers and under-dispensing fuel.

A recent incident, captured on video and widely circulated, underscores this issue. A customer in the provinces visited a filling station displaying the NP (SL) Limited logo at Momoh Senesie Junction. Despite the NP branding, the station is not NP owned. It is a reseller station.

The customer paid for 10 liters of fuel at the official price of NLe 30 per liter but received only 8 liters. When confronted, the pump attendant falsely claimed that the government had increased the fuel price, justifying the shortfall.

In response, NP management has unequivocally stated that the fuel price remains at NLe 30 per liter nationwide. They emphasized that any retailer found falsifying prices should be reported to the authorities. NP Management has also queried the reseller instructed him to do an immediate refund to the customer.

NP assures its customers of continued effective and efficient service delivery across the country and has committed to taking appropriate action against the offending station. The company calls for public cooperation in reporting any instances of price manipulation and expresses gratitude to its valued customers for their ongoing support and trust in NP for their fuel needs.


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