New Tourism Minister urged to address the seaweed issue 

Tourism Minister, Nabella Tunis

By Jariatu S Bangura

Members of Parliament have called on the new Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Madam Nabella Tunis, to handle the influx of seaweeds along the country’s beaches as it continues to destroy the beauty of the beaches.

The exhibiting piles of seaweeds has badly affected fishing processes and damaged several fishing nets for fishermen.

Hon. Matthew Nyuma said the seaweed could be converted into some meaningful materials including medicinal, among several others.

Hon. Amara Kargbo said one of the challenges in the tourism sector is that the beaches have been flooded with seaweeds, a development he described as horrible for the country, especially for those living around the seaside communities.

He said for far too long they have been living an ignorant lives, allowing things as  they are, adding that it is high time the country converted the seaweed into something useful purposes.

He said the main route to the Tombo Wharf is not healthy as a majority of the artisanal fishermen live in that community.

Hon. Alex Rogers said the tourism sector should not only  be centred  in Freetown as there are other touristic sites that need attention in the provinces.

He cited the Solima tourist site in Pujehun district,among others  which he said needed attention.


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