Health Ministry holds induction ceremony for 110 young doctors

Junior Doctors at the induction ceremony

By Ibrahim Kabba Turay

The Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MoHS), has held it first induction ceremony for one hundred and ten junior doctors that will be posted in the provincial areas.

The induction ceremony was organised by the ministry at the Family Kingdom Resort, Aberdeen in Freetown. The ministry also presented and donated 42 ultrasound devices to major hospitals across the country.

Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Clinical Services, Dr. Mustapha Kabba, disclosed that the doctors constitute those who graduated last year as well as those who did this year.

Dr. Kabba emphasised the need for a smooth transition, which he said must be supported with a deliberate effort to ensuring that the junior doctors succeed in their career.

He also mentioned that the ceremony was important because it created the platform for the ministry to explain what is expected of the doctors.

He recounted that those that graduated last year were posted to different regions.

He further revealed that backlogs rent allowance was taken into consideration.

“Each and every doctor will receive $ 150 USD as rent allowance per month,” he disclosed.

“The funds came from an anonymous donor and it will serve for three years, and it will cover rent allowance for 50-60 doctors that will be posted in the rural areas,” he disclosed.

In his keynote address, Minister of Health and Sanitation (MoHS), Dr. Austin Demby encouraged the junior doctors to always put on their white coat while at the hospital, for according to the Minister, that is what makes them stand out.

“You should wear that coat with pride,” he told the doctors.

Minister Demby revealed that the Ministry would have to figure out how to reclaim that dignity that comes out of the recognition of doctors.

The Minister urged junior doctors to make the necessary sacrifice for their country, thereby contributing to building it and making it better.

“The future of the country is in your hands, so create the future that you want while we create the space for you,” he added.

Minister Demby further emphasised the need for Sierra Leone as a nation to build its own institutions and make them strong.


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