Native Consortium appeals to citizens to maintain peace during elections


By Alhaji Haruna Sani

“Fellow Sierra Leoneans, peace is supreme and we should do everything that we could to prevent any form of violence that will lead to the loss of lives or destruction of properties. Therefore, we are calling on all of us to conduct ourselves peacefully by going to the polls to vote come June 24 to express our democratic right”.

In a press release issued on Monday, June 12, Edmond Abu Jr, the Native Consortium boss state that, “If the international Community, Religious Leaders, CSOs, the Media, and Political Actors, keep loud silence to prevent violence before, during, and after the upcoming elections, but wait until any blood is shed before making bogus press releases like August 10, then they are equally guilty’.

Edmond Abu acknowledged the US Embassy and other international moral Guarantors, Political parties, well-meaning CSOs and other non-state actors who have openly denounced violence and preached peace messages.

He boasted that no activist has ever been consistently involved in more public interest peaceful protests like the Native Consortium has done over the last 3 decades. Therefore, any attempt to provoke violent protest before the election is silly, senseless, untimely and in fact suicidal.

He advised that the best way to go is to register the protest at the ballot box, and avoid a repeat of August 10 fiasco.


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