Murderer gets 30 years imprisonment


By Yusufu S. Bangura

Thirty-five year-old murderer, Juana Kelfala, was last Friday sentenced to 30 years imprisonment by Justice John Bosco Alieu presiding at the Freetown High Court for killing Tamba Yeabu Kamara, age 32.

State counsel, Alberta Kargbo alleged that the convict on Saturday 8th June 2019, at During Town in the Western Area Rural District, murdered Tamba Yeabu Kamara.

Giving brief fact of the matter, Justice Allieu said during the prosecution’s case, to prove the guilt of the convict they called five witnesses including Dr. Semion Owizz Koroma who testified against the convict.

He said Dr. Owizz in his testimony told the court that the deceased died as a result of cutlass wounds and profuse bleeding.

Justice Allieu said the convict in his defense said he relied on his statement made to the police where he confirmed that he indeed killed the deceased as a self-defense because when the deceased with some community members went to collect the cutlass from him, they  pelted him with stone.

He said the convict further told the police that when he came out from his hut the deceased was trying to escape from the scene but fell on the ground.

 He said he chased the deceased and chopped him in the neck with the cutlass.


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