MoH signs service level agreement with health development partners

Dr. Austin Demby, Deputy Minister MoPeD and partners at the signing 

By Ibrahim Kabba Turay

In a bid to improved health problem in the country, the Minister of Health, Dr. Austin Demby, today signed a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with its local and international health development partners.

The agreement serves as a significant step towards improving health service delivery and patient satisfaction, and it also aims to establish clear expectations, enhance communication, and ensures the delivery of high-quality patient-centered services.

The SLA is a significant show of commitment and a reminder from both partners and government of the need to provide exceptional service that meets the unique health needs of the people of Sierra Leone.

The agreement includes specific performance metrics, response times, and other critical indicators that will be closely monitored and measured.

“Our patients are at the heart of everything we do, and this SLA is a testament to our dedication to their satisfaction,” The Minister of Health pointed out.

Minister Demby further noted that “by formalizing this SLA, the ministry aims to foster stronger relationships, improves transparency, and ensures best possible healthcare experience for all patients.”

The Deputy Minister of Planning and Economic Development Rev. Dr. Jonathan Titus Williams and representatives of key health partners witnessed this important occasion.

Dr. Demby, Underscored the broader perspective of health as a platform for national development, he lauded President Bio’s focus On key areas, including t education, health, food a security, and infrastructure.

Demby acknowledged the Ministry’s strides in bringing a healthcare closer to the people but recognized the ongoing challenge of ensuring quality healthcare, added that the Minister stressed the importance of synergy to avoid duplication, urging partners to commit publicly to transform the country’s health sector collectively and holding other accountable.

Deputy Minister of Planning and Economic Development (MOPED), Reverend Williams, Jonathan Titus expressed optimism that the agreement would enhance joint coordination, ensuring effective service delivery and prudent use of limited resources.

Reverend Williams praised NGOS as critical actors in realizing the country’s Medium Term National Development Plan (MTNDP), emphasizing the need for standard implementation, equitable service distribution, and the involvement of community stakeholders.

The Deputy Minister urged NGOs to elevate their contributions, aligning with the government’s efforts to achieve the MTNDP and ultimately uplift the nation’s health sector


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