MML is headline Sponsor for S/Leone diaspora investment summit


The planning committee of the Sierra Leone Diaspora Investment Conference is thrilled to announce Marampa Mines Limited (MML) as the Headline Sponsor of the highly anticipated summit to engage the diaspora beyond remittance. This groundbreaking event, set to take place on October 7th at the Metro Points Hotel, will bring together over 200 attendees, making it the largest business gathering of Sierra Leonean and American leaders, policy makers, and investors in North America.

“We are delighted to have the invaluable support of Marampa Mines as the Headline Sponsor of this summit, aimed at fostering US-Sierra Leone trade relations and driving economic growth through direct investment,” said Vickie Remoe, founder of Make Sierra Leone Famous, the DMV-based firm hosting the summit.

“As the largest American employer in Sierra Leone, MML stands as a shining example for both American and diaspora investors. Not only have they successfully resolved disputes with the Government of Sierra Leone, but they have also forged a formidable partnership with the local community, built on mutual respect and cooperation. Overcoming the challenges of conducting business in Sierra Leone is no small feat, and MML’s ability to triumph over these obstacles and prioritize community development is unprecedented.”

With a workforce of over 2500 Sierra Leoneans, Marampa Mines made a record one-time payment of $1.7 million to the people of Port Loko District in April, the highest amount received by a community development fund to date. The company’s trademarked product, Marampa Blue, a high-demand concentrate with over 65% iron content, has positioned Sierra Leone as a provider of greener steel for a cleaner environment.

During the conference, Marampa Mines will share invaluable insights on how the diaspora can play a pivotal role in bridging the human capital gap and supporting the growth of small and medium enterprises through direct investment.

“MML is a cornerstone company in Sierra Leone, and we firmly believe that our success is intertwined with the success of Sierra Leone as a whole. We urge the diaspora to shift their focus away from the challenges we face and redirect it towards the abundant opportunities within our company, sector, and the broader impact our success can have on Sierra Leone’s future,” said Abdul Koroma, Senior Corporate Executive and Vice President at Marampa Mines.

“Diaspora investment can further bolster our growth, help us bridge the skills and gender gap in the workplace, achieve our local content goals, and support businesses and services that complement our own.”


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