Market Watch


with Elizabeth J. Kamara

Market watch is a column that looks at the basic prices of commodities in various markets across Freetown.It seeks the views of traders as well as costumers about the sales of their goods at which the least consumers buys.

In this edition of market watch, Concord Times Elizabeth j. Kamara conducted interview with some shop owners and petty traders at various markets in Freetown.

Below are some of the prices of basic cosmetic commodities

IdealFor 1Nle20.00
Clear menFor 1Nle40.00
Cocoa pulpBig bottle 1Nle55.00
Secret whiteBig bottle 1Nle75.00
Perfect lineFor 1Nle40.00
carotoneSmall cup 1Nle23.00
Day by DayFor 1Nle25.00
Pure skinSmall cup 1Nle25.00
DetolBig bottle 1Nle30.00
Soulmate hair foodBig cup1Nle55.00
Lemon clearBig bottleNle70.00
touchFor 1Nle25.00
Bubble gum sprayFor 1Nle30.00
Zenta detergent1 bagNle645.00
Maxzam tooth pasteFor 6Nle65.00
colegateFor 6Nle75.00


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