Justice Stevens releases 23 inmates from prison

Appeal Judge, Justice Alhaji Momoh Jah Stevens

By Ibrahim Kabba Turay

The Court of Appeals judge, Justice Alhaji Momoh Jah Stevens has released 23 accused persons that were detained at the Pademba Road Correctional Centre in Freetown.

Chief Justice Desmond Babatunde Edwards assigned two Justices of the Court of Appeal-Justice Komba Kamanda and Justice Momoh-Jah Stevens, to review cases at the Pademba Road Correctional Centre as a way of decongesting the Pademba Road Correctional Service by ensuring that inmates/accused persons or some convicted persons have the opportunity to be heard.

Justice Stevens informed journalists before the review that the purpose of the Prison Courts was to review cases at the Magistrates’ Courts for all accused persons that have been in prison for long.

“I’m a judge who believes in the fundamental human rights of every one before me in fairness, speedy trial and justice to the poor and needy as that is devine requirements and order to mankind,” Justice Stevens

Justice Alhaji Momoh-Jah Stevens cautioned & discharged 2 accused persons who were brought before the court for larceny & malicious damage.

Justice Stevens said the accused person had been on remand since September 2020, and no witness has testified.

“This is a complete injustice to the accused person,” Justice Stevens ruled


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