Justice Fisher dismantles C4C executive


By Ibrahim Kabba Turay

Justice Adrian Fisher has delivered his judgment in the long-running case of the Coalition for Change (C4C) Party and its executive members, stating that they were all serving illegally.

The case was brought before the High Court by Sahr Nyaama and 9 others against Tamba Sandi and 7 others.

The Political Regulation Commission (PPRC) was the 8th defendant in the matter.

In his 10 page judgment, Justice Fisher ruled that the present and current interim chairman, secretary and the entire coordinating committee of the C4C Party were illegitimate.

He further that the five regional chairmen of the C4C party are illegitimate on the grounds that the mandate upon which they were appointed and continue to act,has elapsed pursuant to Article 14c. iv of the C4C Constitution.

Justice Fisher ordered the plaintiff to establish a committee of 21 men Transitional Interim National Officer Elections Committee (TINOEC).

He said the new committee will be made up of the plaintiffs (save for the 1st Plaintiff) Sahr Nyaama.

The other plaintiffs include Dr. Aliue M. Iscandri, Kevin Metzger, Aiah Fanday, Bob Deen Kamara, Ahmed Tajan Bundu, Muctarr Rahmanu, Nenh L. Kamara, Abu Bakarr S. Bangura and Tamba Gborie.

He said the other members of the TINOEC will be the eight Members of Parliament representing the C4C Party in Parliament and four other members of the party to be appointed by the plaintiff and the Members of Parliament by simple majority.

He further ordered that the TINOEC when fully constituted shall elect from its members, a chairman and a secretary.

Justice Fisher clearly set out the tenure of the TINOEC, stating that the TINOEC shall maintain the affairs of the party for a period of twenty-one days from the date of the order.

The responsibilities, he ordered, will be manning the affairs of the C4C party until the next conference when a new executive would have been elected at which time their mandate will expire, to ensure the conduct of all lower level elections within 21 days of the date of the order in accordance with all applicable laws.

He ordered that the TINOEC should ensuring that a national conference is held no later than Monday, the 20th Day of March 2023, for the purpose of electing national officers and a flag-bearer.


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