Justice Fisher adjourns Samura Kamara’s ACC matter to July 14

Samura Kamara to contest without hinderance

By Ibrahim Kabba Turay

Justice Adrian Fisher has adjourned the matter between the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and the All People’s Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Dr. Samura Kamara and five others.

Justice Adrian Fisher also refused an application filed by lawyer for the 4th accused, Dr. SamuraKamara, seeking the leave of the court for the accused to travel to UK on 2nd to 14th May, 2023.

He said the affidavit filed stated that Dr. Samura, after being selected as the flag-bearer of the main opposition APC,has been invited by the Secretary General of the Commonwealth together with President Bio to dialogue about national security.

The affidavit further states that Samura has been present in court since the inception of the matter, adding that part of the bail condition given by the court is that he should submit his passport to the Master and Register of the High Court until the matter comes to a conclusion.

He said the letter of invitation was attached to the affidavit and it was dated 15 April, 2023, signed by the Secretary General of the Commonwealth.

Also, the affidavit states that the fourth accused has no intension of staying long.

He said lawyer Matesbo representing the ACC on 26 April,2023, filed in opposition to the affidavit filed by Samura’s  lawyers, indicating that procedure has not been followed by the fourth accused (Samura).

He said the fourth accused has served as Minister of Foreign Affairs and knows the procedure to follow when a person is been invited out of the country.

He said there was possibility that Samura might not comply with the procedure of the court.

He stated that the invitation letter was not copied to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, which is the Ministry in charge of protocol of external affairs of government business.

He further stated that the letter was sent directly to the fourth accused and not the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Lawyer Matesbo further argued that the fourth accused’s  passport was released to him for a locust visit in New York City, but he didn’t attend the sitting.

Justice Fisher said having looked at both affidavits, there was insufficient evidence before him warranting the fourth accused not to travel outside the country.

He recalled the letter of invitation was dated 15 March 2023, but that the defense didn’t present it before the court earlier, adding that he found out that the court has been treated with levity.

He said the matter is a criminal trial and a fair trial should be held.

Justice Fisher ruled that the application made for the passport of Samura to  be release to him to travel, was refused and that his lawyers should renew their applications on 4 May 2023  with sufficient information in the application.


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