Internal Affairs Minister: We are taking a human centric approach in the war against Kush

Maj-Gen Rtd David Taluva 

By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

Minister of Internal Affairs, Maj-Gen Rtd David Taluva has stated that the fight against Kush drug in the country would be done with human centric approach and not violence, adding that victims of the drug need more help than violence.

He was speaking at the Ministry of Information and Civic Education weekly press briefing in Freetown, while providing update on his ministry’s position in the fight Kush drug in the country and called on people to abstain from using violence against drugs victims.

He said  the strategy paper they have presented  to the cabinet  includes training of personal that will help in the fight against Kush drugs, cutting off of the drug supply chain , ensuring that there is no other drugs emerge in the country and also try to build the capacity  of the rehabilitated victims with skill training.

He said instead of arresting and taking those victims to jail, they would rehabilitate and capacitate them with skills that will empower and keep them off the use of drugs.

Acting Executive Director of Advoc-Aid, Juliet Kaikai, said the approach to fighting the Kush has not been the way it should be, because lot of the arrest that have been made are the addict and not the manufacturers.

She said they have in records of over 60 addicts that have been convicted and sent to jail, but no manufacturer has been arrested.


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