In less than a year…  Gbense Chiefdom spells out Dr Seawright footprint


Residents of Gbense Chiefdom, Kono District, east of Sierra Leone, expressed gratitude for the coming of Dr. Alfred Seawright in their community.

According to them, Dr. Alfred Seawright did not start full scale mining operation in their chiefdom but they have already reaped from him.

During a public consultation and disclosure workshop on the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) held in Boroma Pipe 3 – Gbense Chiefdom and Gbense N.A. Koidu and Yardu Town Barry on the 26 and 27 March 2021 respectively, Seawright Mining Company’s proposed Boroma project in Kono District residents of those chiefdoms wasted no time in the midst of government officials and other stakeholders to say yes to Seawright Mining Compnay in their chiefdom.

These residents already knew about the transformative drive of the founder and President of that company Dr. Alfred Seawright.

Dr. Alfred Seawright has been described as the Sahr of Kono (the elder son) and also described by both staff and residents as the “Salone Mandela.”

Dr. Seawright began by donating Toyata Land Cruiser that is used as ambulance in that chiefdom as they lack one. He has also renovated the chief council building and installed 10KVA solar power, and equipped it with computers among other office equipment.

Currently, more than twenty-five youths have been trained for Dr. Seawright Community Projects in Gbense. The training titled “sustainable operations and management training of Gbense community projects” took place in one of the facilities constructed by Dr. Seawright, the Gbense pure drinking water company complex.

The pilot projects and training are funded by Dr. Alfred Seawright and it is gears toward the empowerment of youths and for them to brace up for a brighter future.

The five projects include fish farming, cold room, wash facility, pure water packaging and youth poultry.

The head of Dr. Seawright Community Projects, Head of Department for Aquaculture and Fisheries Management who is also the Technical Coordinator for Dr. Seawright RAS, Dr. Matthew D. Kpundeh pointed out that the five projects have been commissioned, the weeks long training for beneficiaries to be able to sustain the operation of the services completed because the project gears towards improving the livelihood, dignity and wellbeing of people and now they are on full scale practical of all the projects as internship for constant practical with the consultant to ensure that they do the right things.

He described the five projects as very key because the community people requested for it from Dr. Seawright which has been a blessing for them since he stepped into that community.

 “Consultants came from different areas to ensure that participants get the right knowledge. 

Our target was 25 youth but we got more than that because of the interest some of them shown”, he said.

He disclosed that Dr. Seawright will give participants stipend and start up for 6 months and by that time they would have stand to take care of themselves and the businesses as the proceeds will be used to the develop their region. 

He disclosed that Dr. Seawright intends to expand the project to other areas in the country as he has the spirit of giving with no discrimination.

The Mami Queen for Gbense community and also the Deputy District Mami Queen, Finda Aminata pointed out that they have five projects all funded by Dr. Seawright.

“I wrote a letter and asked for favour from Dr Seawright. We have lots of constraints for pipe borne water in and out of this community. We only depend on hand pump through that we made this request,” she said.

She went on to say, everything concerning the water project is available but they also called for intensive training for them to be able to use and how to take good care of the facility. 

“This means a lot for me as Mami Queen and it will give me a good name after all we are happy for this facility and we are pleased with Dr. Seawright gestures,” she said.

She asked Dr. Seawright to take his rightful place in that community and the mining company as he is the only person they want in that community.

“Today, we are now enjoying what we requested for from Dr. Seawright, we are so happy for our Sahr, only God will reward him for us,” she stated.

Sahr Nonkoh Sheriff, Youth Chairman, Hill Station and also the Vice Chairman, Slemmy Community, Gbensen Chiefdom also spelled out the tremendous work Dr. Seawright has done in few months and how he has transformed their lives and that of the women and girls in their chiefdom.

“This is the kind of Moses we have been praying for and God Has sent it to us. We will not allow any distraction from others, he is the person we want in our Chiefdom and we will continue to embrace him with all our hearts,” he said.


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