IGP Sellu assures citizens of security before, during & after elections

IGP Sellu

As the country is soon to go into the June 24th General Elections, IGP Sellu has assured Sierra Leoneans that the police, in collaboration with other security apparatus, will provide security before, during and after the elections and that there is no cause to fear. He assured that they have put modalities in place to nip any issue that may infringe on the rights of citizens to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the country.

In an exclusive interview with this writer, IG Sellu maintained that it is the duty of the Sierra Leone Police to provide internal security for its citizens, as well as all residents in the country, and they are determined to do exactly that.

He furthered that under his watch, the SLP and other security apparatus have held several fruitful meetings to ensure that the security of everyone is guaranteed.  He maintained that all the security measures put in place to monitor the movement of people at night has been part of their activities to forestall any move by unscrupulous people to disturb the peace and tranquility of the nation, and that such activities will continue. These activities, he stressed had yielded positive results for the sector.

He furthered that the police will be able to go about its usual mobile patrols with the vehicles available before, during and after the elections to ensure that law and order is maintained across the country. He commended all LUCs across the country for their vigilance, which has instilled more confidence in the police from citizens, and admonished all not to be drawn into any action that will threaten the peace of the country, stressing that whilst people have rights, they should also know that with each right comes responsibility. He called on all to remain law abiding and peaceful in their day to day activities.

IG Sellu furthered that the SLP has engaged and will continue to engage all political parties and Elections Management Bodies on maintaining and preserving the peace of the country. To political parties, he admonished them to ask the police for assistance whenever they have meetings that should be policed, rather than depend on private security. The police, he went on is charged with the responsibility to safeguard everyone, irrespective of their political affiliations, and this they are determined to maintain.

Concluding his interview, IG Sellu once again assured Sierra Leoneans that the June 24th Elections will be peaceful and that they have nothing to fear. He admonished them no to listen and take the advice of people to disrupt the elections, as anyone contemplating on such will only have himself to blame, as the police will not allow the peace of the country to be disturbed.


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