HPACS takes center stage in the fight against EctoParasites


By Ishmael Dumbuya

Following the spread of ectoparasites in Freetown, Hans Pests Management and Cleaning Services (HPACS), has introduced state-of the –art fumigation machines geared towards mitigating the presence of ectoparasites such as fleas, and ticks in Freetown.

Speaking to Concord Times, the Operational Manager, HPACS, Sabina H Mannah underscored that ticks and fleas infestation have been a monumental phenomenon in Freetown over the years. According to Ms. Mannah, it is as a result of those challenges that her company has decided to be fumigating compounds and houses infested with fleas and ticks.

She highlighted that ectoparasiticides and anticoccidials are the most common types of antiparasitics. Ectoparasiticides are compounds used to treat external parasites, which in the case in poultry are most commonly lice, mites, ticks, fleas, and flies.

“To control these parasites, producers usually employ topical treatments with null or low absorption rates, such as diatomaceous earth, mineral oil, or soapy solutions applied to the house or the birds. However, in some extreme cases, producers can use chemical treatments to reduce infestations in the house, such as creosote to control wood-boring pests in the building,” she indicated.

She went on to state that their fumigation and cleaning machines are one of the best in the country thereby encouraging clients to hire their services for a professional fumigation. The operation manager further noted that when fighting against ectoparasites in a particular compound, the fight should not only be limited to killing the insects, but spraying the compound as well in order to prevent any other recurrence in the future.

The operational manager concluded that her company also undertakes cleaning exercises, such as the cleaning of offices, schools, hospitals, homes etc.

She encouraged clients who want their services to contact the following: 088917844/078582844 or 1 Tedrah Drive, off Mambo Juntion.


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