Herbalist incarcerated for unlawful possession of human skull


By Jeneba A Conteh

John Shari Law Conteh, a herbalist was incarcerated by Principal Magistrate Mark Ngegba on the Pademba Road Court No.1 in Freetown after he pleaded guilty of being in possession of human bones, skull and small arms and ammunition without license.

The accused made his first appearance in court and was arraigned before the court on five count charges, ranging from possession of small arms without license, unlawful concealment of arms, practising sorcery  to possessing instrument of sorcery, which are all contrary to the laws of the state.

The charge sheet indicated that the accused on Tuesday, 2nd May 2023, at Newton, Waterloo, was found in control of small arms without license and unlawfully concealing two short guns without lawful authority.

The police further alleged that the accused was also found in possession of one human skull wrapped with red thread, one half suspected human bone,one old aluminum chain, three bottles containing substance suspected to be native medicine, small calabash, one cup containing red substance suspected to be human blood, one box containing red clothes, and one cap suspected to be cobra skin.

After the charges were read and explained to the accused, he pleaded guilty of the offences levied against him. The prosecutor, Sergeant 9939 Lahai informed the court that at the next adjourned date he will bring the exhibit to the clerk to tender the items before the court.

The accused was remanded in custody until 28th June 2023 for further hearing.


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