Health Ministry deliberates ways to help expand health related matters


By Ibrahim Kabba Turay

Minister of Health and Sanitation, Austin Demby, has engaged delegation from the Harvard Broad Institute to discuss how they can collaborate to help eradicate fatal health Occurrences in the country.

During the meeting, Minister Demby expressed his joy in reconnecting with old friends and engaged in fruitful discussions on topics such as enhanced surveillance and laboratory systems management. These discussions are expected to have a significant impact the country’s health sector, aligning will.

The Minister said he has also finalized plans with Johns Hopkins University to bolster the country’s healthcare resources and training under this collaboration, Johns Hopkins University will provide material resources and training assistance to Sierra Leone’s health sector.

During the announcement, Minister Demby highlighted a specific initiative with Johns Hopkins University. The government hospital in Bo, Sierra Leone, will receive a sustainable energy solution in the form of a 250 KVA solar system. This initiative aims to ensure reliable-and-uninterrupted power supply to the hospital. “Assistance includes training solar techs in the US. Also discussed plans for anaesthesiology training for Sierra Leone staff nationally,” he stated.

In addition to the solar energy project, discussions were also held regarding anaesthesiology training for Sierra Leonean healthcare staff on a national scale. This training program, planned in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University, aims to enhance the skills and capabilities of healthcare professionals in Sierra Leone, ultimately improving the quality of anesthesia services provided throughout the country.


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