Former President Koroma’s oral submission commences at Appeals Court 


By Ibrahim Kabba Turay

Lawyer representing former President Ernest Bai Koroma at the Appeals Court looking into adverse findings and recommendation of the Commissions of Inquiry, has commenced his oral submission.

 The Court of Appeal is being presided over by Justice Ivan Sesay, Justice Momoh Jah Stevens, and Justice Adrian Fisher at the main Law Court Building in Freetown.

Former President Ernest Bai Koroma was at the Appeals Court against the findings and recommendations of the Commissions of Inquiry.

Meanwhile, the Court of Appeals had earlier ruled that a former President is not immune from prosecution, stating that Section 48 (4) is very clear on the issue of immunity for only serving president.

The counsel representing the former president, Joseph F. Kamara, was ruled against after he sought for Supreme Court  interpretation on the grounds of immunity on ex-president.

Lawyer Kamara commenced his oral argument and told the trio judges that the notice of intention for the Appellant  was to seek redress in the Supreme Court and  that the grounds of appeal was that the matter is a constitutional matter, hence called for interpretation.

In 2019, three commissions of inquiry investigated the assets of vice presidents, ministers and heads of government agencies, who served along with Koroma in the administration from 2007 to 2018.

The commission found Koroma wanting on several corruption allegations relating to his salaries, pension and income on investments which they claimed “far exceeded his total emoluments and legitimate earnings”.

The commission made several recommendations, among which were the forfeiture of properties to the state, the refund of monies allegedly misappropriated, while some issues were to be sent to the Anti-Corruption Commission for further investigation.


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