Community stakeholders reject Arise IIP 

Paramount Chief Komrabai Lawyer Kabia, Kamasondo Chiefdom

Community stakeholders of Kamasondo Chiefdom, located in Port Loko District, have refuted recent allegations made by Arise Integrated Industrial Platforms that, the community stakeholders are in favour of handing over the Rail and Port operations to ARISE Integrated Industrial Platform, stating that the claim is categorically false.

The community stakeholders made it abundantly clear that their unwavering support lies solely with Leone Rock Metal Group (LRMG).

Under the leadership of Paramount Chief Komrabai Lawyer Kabia, Kamasondo Chiefdom has witnessed the transformative impact of Leone Rock Metal Group within a remarkably short span of just two years.

 Paramount Chief Komrabai, lauding LRMG’s contributions to the community, said that the company has achieved in two years what other companies, such as African Minerals and Shandong Steel, failed to accomplish in a decade.

LRMG’s commitment to community development is evident through the construction of essential infrastructure such as schools, medical centers, roads, water facilities, and other projects spanning various facets of development activities. Notably, the company recently built an office specifically dedicated to bike riders, emphasizing its dedication to supporting the local economy and empowering the community.

The community stakeholders wholeheartedly endorse Leone Rock Metal Group presence in Kamasondo Chiefdom and fervently hope for the government to extend the company’s stay in Sierra Leone.

The stakeholders expressed their comfort in working alongside LRMG, highlighting the company’s compliance with government regulations and procedures, as well as its inclusive approach to decision-making processes that involve the community.

One significant outcome of LRMG’s operations in the area is the substantial employment opportunities the company has provided for the local youth. By offering gainful employment to many young individuals from within the primary host community, LRMG has played a crucial role in uplifting living standards and fostering economic growth in the region.

The overwhelming support demonstrated by the community stakeholders in Kamasondo Chiefdom showcases the mutually beneficial relationship between LRMG and the local population.

With their ongoing commitment to community development, adherence to government regulations, and inclusive decision-making, LRMG proves to be a valuable partner in Sierra Leone’s quest for sustainable economic growth and development.

As the government of Sierra Leone evaluates the allegations made by Arise Integrated Industrial Platforms, it is essential to consider the unequivocal support expressed by the people directly impacted by LRMG’s operations. Their voices affirm the positive impact LRMG has had on Kamasondo Chiefdom, providing a compelling case for the company’s continued contributions to the region’s progress.

The resounding message from the community stakeholders of Kamasondo Chiefdom is clear: Leone Rock Metal Group enjoys their full support and they hope for the government’s endorsement of the company’s ongoing presence in Sierra Leone.


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