CHRDI, ICJR Capacitate Senior Correctional Service Officers


The Campaign for Human Rights and Development International (CHRDI) has in collaboration with the Initiative for Criminal Justice Reforms capacitated thirty senior management officers of the Sierra Leone Correctional Service (SLCS).

The refresher training on Thursday 29th February in the conference room of SLCS, focused on the essential aspects of human rights in detention, work ethics, standards of conduct for Correctional Service personnel, inspection standards and incident report writing.

CHRDI Chief Executive, Abdul  .M. Fatoma said the training was self-funded by the two organizations so to ensure that the criminal justice system remains crucial in maintaining order in society and ensuring safety in homes.

He stated that base on their personal interactions with officers and inmates, they realized that there is a huge gap in the department when it comes to training and the necessary skills required by correctional personnel.

According to him, it should not always be the case for advocacy organizations like CHRDI to expose the lapses in the correctional service without the necessary enablers in ensuring that the right things are done at all times.

“So as part of our own contributions towards national building, peace and security, we decided to fund this initiative. We want to showcase this as a pilot and with the success and interest of other people, we intend to expand on it,” Fatoma said.

Similar sentiments was expressed by the Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Tamba Sourie, who entreat the selected officers to take the training seriously by putting into practice the knowledge gained.      

Acting Director-General of the Sierra Leone Correctional Service, Colonel Sheik Sulaiman Massaquoi commended the two organizations for the initiative to trained senior officers of the Correctional Service.

He said the training was timely and important, and therefore urged CHRDI and ICJR to cascade it in the regions so that other personnel will benefit so as to enhance effective and efficient discharge of duties and responsibilities.   


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