By this Deed which is intended to be registered at the Administrator and Registrar General  Office in Freetown, Western Area of the Republic of Sierra Leone, I, the undersigned Kadiatu Isatu Koroma  of No.36 Main Road, Calaba Town , Freetown, now lately called  Kadijatu Barry , a citizen of the Republic of Sierra Leone by birth an adult do hereby declare that:

For and on behalf of myself and relatives wholly renounce, relinquish and abandon the use of the former name, Kadiatu Isatu Koroma and in place thereof do assume from the 14th August , 2023, Kadijatu Barry  in order that I and my relatives, friends and acquaintances may hereafter be called and refer to me not by my former name of   Kadiatu Isatu Koroma , but by my assumed name, Kadijatu Barry.  

For the purpose of evidencing such my determination hereby  declare that, I shall at all times hereafter in all processes, dealings, and transactions as well private as public, and upon all occasions whatsoever, use and sign the name in place of and in substitution for my former name Kadiatu Isatu Koroma  .


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