Bola Nicol murder trial: Defense establishes inconsistency in witness’ testimony


By Jeneba A Conteh

Counsel defending Bola Nicole, former manager of Skye Bank, Roland Right, has observed that the 9th prosecution witness, Inspector Abdul Karim Vangahun, was inconsistent in his testimony in court.

He made the above statement just after state prosecutor arranged his witness who was in possession of the call log that will clarify calls made by the accused during the alleged incident. 

Responding to the state, defense counsel Roland Right said they have right to test the veracity of the oral testimony given by the witness, to ascertain the fact. 

He said it is significant for their case, as the witness identified the nurse in the course of showing the CCTV and that he established in court that it was based on her statement he did his investigation.

Roland Right said it is there right to cross check what the witness said when his memory was fresh.

Defence counsel further submitted that the witness was inconsistent in his statement even though the prosecution chose not to tender the witness’ statement as part of their case. He said that particular statement is necessary for the case of the defense. 

He said the prosecution didn’t show any law that prohibited the tendering of the witness’ statement.

State prosecutor,Ahmed G.Bockarie, was about to debunk the issue of the inconsistency raised by the defense when the magistrate overruled, saying there was no second bit.

Magistrate Marke Ngegba ruled that the prosecution’s  objection will be upheld by the following, that the witness will not say his investigation was led based on what he obtained from the nurse, and that he didn’t see the nexus connecting his evidence to what happened.

State counsel informed the Bench that on the next adjourned date they will be docking their witness or witnesses.

The matter was adjourned by Magistrate Marke Ngagba to the 21st of February 2023.


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