BBC’s Umaru Fofana to Chair launch of Broadcasters Association 

Umaru Fofana of the BBC

The air is electric with anticipation as the Sierra Leone Broadcasters Association (SiLBA) prepares for its grand inauguration at the prestigious New Brookfields Hotel on the 4th of July 2024. This momentous occasion will see popular the BBC’s Senior Journalist, Umaru Fofana, take the helm as the official chairperson of the event, alongside the esteemed Minister of Information and Civic Education, Chernor Bah, who will serve as the keynote speaker to herald the formal launch of the Association.

SiLBA, a beacon of progress and advocacy in the realm of broadcast media, emerges as a vital force in the Sierra Leonean broadcasting landscape. With a membership roster encompassing 55 radio stations spanning the entire nation, SiLBA stands poised to revolutionize the industry by safeguarding the rights, advancing the interests, and enhancing the welfare of broadcasters through a collective and unified approach.

Incorporated in 2022, SiLBA was conceived to address the dire need for a national umbrella association that would provide a platform for broadcasters to thrive, ensuring a sustainable and professional environment that upholds the highest standards of excellence. Stanley Bangura Jr., Chairman of the Association, articulated SiLBA’s vision for an inclusive, competitive, and sustainable media ecosystem that prioritizes the needs, interests, and welfare of electronic media institutions across Sierra Leone.

“Our mission at SiLBA is rooted in promoting unity, best practices, and strategic programming that underscores gender sensitivity and development-focused approaches,” shared Daniel Amara, the Association’s Secretary General. Through a commitment to cooperation and advocacy, SiLBA aims to elevate broadcasting standards and foster an environment where broadcasters can excel and contribute meaningfully to society.

The objectives set forth by SiLBA encapsulate a holistic approach to advancing the welfare of its members and driving positive change within the broadcasting sector. The key objectives include: Advancing Member Interests: SiLBA is dedicated to championing the interests and well-being of its members, ensuring their voices are heard and their rights are protected.

Addressing National Broadcasting Issues: Serving as a platform for engaging with critical issues such as broadcasting laws, policies, and regulations, SiLBA strives to advocate for a free and responsible press environment.

Promoting Safety and Security: SiLBA places a premium on the safety and security of its member organizations, fostering a protective framework for broadcasters to operate effectively.

Enhancing Broadcasting Quality: Through advocacy and support, SiLBA seeks to elevate the quality, sustainability, and profitability of broadcasting institutions throughout the country.

Encouraging Content Creation: SiLBA is committed to nurturing a culture of content creation, distribution, and technological innovation among its members, empowering stations to better serve their communities.

Supporting Training Initiatives: By facilitating training programs and opportunities for career advancement, SiLBA aims to empower its members and promote diversity within the workplace.

International Networking: SiLBA endeavors to establish robust connections with entities worldwide, ensuring that Sierra Leone’s broadcasting interests are recognized and upheld on a global scale.

As the countdown to the SiLBA launch event accelerates, the industry awaits with bated breath for the dawn of a new era in broadcasting excellence. With Senior Journalist Umaru Fofana at the helm as the chairperson and Minister Chernor Bah as the distinguished keynote speaker, the stage is set for a celebration of unity, professionalism, and progress within Sierra Leone’s broadcast media landscape. SiLBA’s commitment to fostering a thriving and sustainable environment for broadcasters heralds a future where the industry can flourish, innovate, and serve the nation with distinction.


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