As members disassociate themselves from vote of no-confidence…


Some members of the Sierra Leone Association of Non-Governmental Organization (SLANGO), who were alleged to have taken part in an extraordinary meeting and were signatories to a no-confidence vote against the substantive Board of the Organisation, have disassociated themselves from the said decision outright.

The said members have called for an immediate investigation into the issue as they claimed that their signatures were falsified.

Mammie Foundation is among the organizations that disassociated themselves from the clandestine decision.

“Mammie Foundation is concerned about the person that signed on behalf of the organization on number 32 of the list attached without any iota of knowledge by the Country Director and other colleagues of the organization. We consider this act as grave because it has the tendency to defame MF. In this regard; therefore, we demand to know who signed this document on behalf of Mammie Foundation as soon as possible. We will further escalate this issue with our legal representative if we do not get any feedback within working days effective Monday,13th November,2023,” a letter from the Country Director, Syl D. Macauley,reads.

On November 10, some 235 registered concerned Local/International NGOs met at the St. Anthony Hall and moved a vote of no-confidence in the SLANGO Board. The said 235 concerned NGOs/INGOs also resolved to suspend the recruitment of the National Coordinator until they meet in the upcoming AGM.

But, according to a statement from the Board of SLANGO, the said information was misleading and one that was meant to tarnish the hard earned reputation of the organisation.

“The claim of a vote of no-confidence by 235 NGOs is unfounded and lacks merit. It is an attempt by some members who want to have their way and are bent on using smaller NGOs to achieve that.SLANGO operates transparently, and such assertions are an attempt to tarnish the reputation of our organization.”

Contrary to the allegations, according to the board, there is no constitutional basis for the purported vote of no-confidence.

“Article 8 of the SLANGO Constitution, as misrepresented, does not support the claims made by the so-called Concerned Members. Our leadership is firmly committed to upholding the principles outlined in the constitution, ensuring accountability, and fostering cooperation among our esteemed members.”

They noted that the suspension of the National Coordinator’s recruitment is a baseless decision by those, who do not represent the majority opinion within SLANGO.

They maintained that the recruitment process adheres to established procedures, and any delay caused by this action only hampers the progress of our organization.

“SLANGO remains steadfast in its mission to serve as a unified voice for the NGO community in Sierra Leone. We assure our members and stakeholders that the upcoming AGM will proceed as scheduled, providing an open platform to address any legitimate concerns within the framework of our constitution. We urge all SLANGO members to disregard these false claims and participate actively in the AGM. Together, we will continue to strengthen our collaborative efforts and uphold the integrity of our organization.”


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