APC parliamentary aspirant supports community road projects

Musa Sankoh also known as Fidel Castro with the people of Hill-Top Community


By Alfred Koroma

“Good road network improves and gives access to a community,” the words of an indigene in Hill-Top Community  as he gladly appreciates a donation of nearly a dozen bags of cement, cash and other items from Musa Sankoh, aspirant for the symbol of APC Parliamentary Seat in Constituency 117.

Mr Sankoh or Fidel Castro, as he is also popularly known, made the donation during the the weekend on the 19th March as support to the Hill-Top road construction, a project entirely undertaken by the people in the community. Fidel Castro’s latest donation follows a similar one he made in Kuntorloh Community the week before and much other support he has given to various community development projects within  Constituency 117.

While receiving the donation from the aspirant on Sunday, New Site Community Chairman, Dauda Kamara described Mr. Sankoh’s support to Hill-Top Community road project as a legacy that will live on to benefit even the upcoming  generations.

“This donation is a legacy that will go a long way to benefit this community. It will benefit even the children born today, he said. “They will grow up and meet a paved road, enjoying the benefit of a support received from Mr. Sankoh.  This is the best way to help an entire community, he added, praying for continued elevation of the aspirant. 

The New Site Community Chairman further disclosed that Fidel Castro has not only been supporting road projects, he is also one of the philanthropists strongly supporting the construction of their mosque. “We feel very happy to have him and May God continue to elevate him for us.”

“This is a very big boost to our community project. This cement and water will take us far in this project,  added another stakeholder in the Community, Abdulai Dumbuya, Chairman, Hill-Top Ataya Base.

“We call on authorities in charge of awarding symbols to look at candidates who are ready to work with their communities and those who the people want as representatives.  Imagine man like Mr Sankoh has not got any public position and he is willingly helping the community. These are the kinds of people we want as representatives in governance,” Dumbuya explained.

Hill Top is a very deprived community in the East of Freetown. Apart from the poor road network, the community is also challenged with access to water, electricity and healthcare facilities.

But one of the residents, Mustapha J Conteh, who is serving as project committee coordinator for the construction of their road believes having a better road network will eventually open up  their community to further development.

“We are having electricity and water constrains. But maybe if we have a good road network, we might have more people coming in to help with those other amenities, he said: “Good road network improves and gives access to a community.”

As a community, he said good road network is what they really want, the reason they  came together to construct the road while hoping for support from any philanthropist.

 “This road project will push our community forward,” he stated, thanking Mr Sankoh his donation and saying: “We trust him and we are always willing to work with him.

Musa Sankoh or Fidel Castro, the aspirant for the Parliamentary seat of the main opposition party All People’s Congress as is a comfortable public speaker that is speedily gaining the trust of the people of Constituency 117, especially the youth.  For him, supporting the youth and community development is a fundamental civic responsibility.

He is also passionate about quality representation in the legislative house which he believes can enhance accountability and promote effective economic and social development in the country.  It brings about truthful leadership and a lot of other things that have to do with community progress, he told Concord Times in an interview over a week ago.

While presenting his donation to Hill-Top Community, Sankoh called for more support to the community road project.  To do good, he said does not require one to get much. “You just need to squeeze out of the little you have and do something for your community. As I have always said, this is a civic responsibility.”

A lot of accident has taken place along the Hill Top community road as a result of the bad nature of the road, he added, emphasizing the need for more support to construct the road.


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