Afrimoney partners with MiKashBoks service


By Ishmael Dumbuya

Afrimoney has yesterday 22nd February officially gone into a partnership deal with MiKasBoks at Africell’s headquarters, Wilberforce, Freetown. The partnership enhances MiKashBoks customers to save and withdraw money through Afrimoney service.

According to Afrimoney Managing Director, Martison Obeng-Agyei, the partnership will in diverse ways help users of the MiKashBoks service to be able to withdraw money safely stored in the accounts of Afrimoney. He added that gone are days when someone has to singlehandedly save the finances of others, and at the end of the day, collecting those money from the ‘Osusu masters’ culminate into feud or confusion.

Martison underscored that digital banking is the best thing that have happened to mankind, noting that it has provided a means of convenience for today’s banking times. He stated that the partnership will help individuals to go paperless, and they can now easily make transactions, check their account balance, or even make transfers just with a single click of a button on their smartphone, desk top or any other digital device using Afrimoney.

He went on to state that the partnership will greatly promote digital financial inclusion in the country. He indicated that people no longer have to give their finances directly to one individual (Osusu master), but can now do so through Afrimoney which is less chaotic and convenient.

Marketing and Communications Lead (MiKasBoks), Nafisa Jones commended Afrimoney for venturing into a partnership with them. She noted that the partnership is geared towards ensuring access to formal financial services for all.

Nafisa stated that MiKasBoks gives excluded communities access to a full range of financial services. She added that they earn interest at a competitive rate on their savings, build a credit history and reputation within their platform and can be connected to a marketplace of financial services providing fair opportunities like bigger loans at better rates.

She clarified that Osusu admins can earn a commission, adding that you set what your admin commission should be when you create a group and each time a member gets a full payout using Afrimoney, they accrue the admin fees on customer’s behalf. The admin fee is then paid out in full to when the cycle ends.

She furthered that MiKashBoks is secure and reliable, adding that they adhere to all financial regulations and standards to ensure that customer’s monies are safe.

“We are licensed and regulated by the Bank of Sierra Leone similar to other financial institutions. We have state-of –the-art encryption in place and the latest technologies to ensure that monies are safe,” she underscored.

Nafisa solidified their reputation as a reliable financial platform that improves financial literacy and raising awareness about fraud prevention.

She concluded by assuring the people of Sierra Leone that in light of the financial scam in the country, they want to assure their customers that there savings are safe with them.

Joe Abass Bangura, Africell’s Corporate Affairs Officer applauded the partnership, and expressed hope that MiKashBoks will deliver to the people of Sierra Leone and they are here to stay.


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