Afrimoney Iftaar Rice Truck Promotion: A Generous Ramadan Gesture


During the holy month of Ramadan, Afrimoney has once again demonstrated its commitment to the community by launching the Afrimoney Iftaar Rice Truck promotion, setting the pace for charitable initiatives in Sierra Leone. Thousands of Afrimoney subscribers have already reaped the benefits of this innovative promotion, which offers not only financial rewards but also essential food items for iftar.

Headed by Finnoh Conteh, the distribution and sales team at Afrimoney have orchestrated a promotion that not only rewards customers but also fosters a spirit of generosity and community support. To participate, subscribers simply need to purchase a top-up of NLe10 through the Afrimoney system, receiving Nle11 worth of credit in return, along with a parcel containing five cups of rice.

“This promotion is more than just a marketing strategy; it’s a demonstration of our commitment to supporting our subscribers, especially during the holy month of Ramadan,” stated Finnoh Conteh. “We want to ensure that our customers not only have access to essential services but also feel valued and supported by Africell.”

The Afrimoney Iftaar Rice Truck promotion is an ongoing nationwide initiative that will continue throughout Ramadan, reaching communities across Sierra Leone. Already, the promotion has reached six various communities within the Freetown Municipality, benefiting thousands of Africell subscribers.

Beneficiaries of the promotion have expressed their gratitude and delight, emphasizing the significance of such gestures during Ramadan. For many, the promotion is not only a practical benefit but also a symbol of Africell and Afrimoney’s dedication to the welfare of the people of Sierra Leone.

“As someone who relies on Afrimoney for transactions, I am grateful for this promotion,” said one beneficiary. “It not only helps me financially but also provides essential food items during Ramadan. Afrimoney has truly shown its commitment to the community.”

The overwhelming response from beneficiaries underscores the positive impact of corporate social responsibility initiatives, particularly during times of religious significance. As Africell continues to set the pace with innovative and impactful promotions like the Afrimoney Iftaar Rice Truck, it reaffirms its position as a leader in telecommunications and community support in Sierra Leone.


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