Accused remanded for unlawful possession of small arms


By Elizabeth Kamara

Inspector 199 Lahai M. led prosecution witness No.1,Gibrila Tarawally,  an Assistant Superintendent of Police attached at the Waterloo Police  Division, before Magistrate Sahr Kehkura of the Pademba Road Court No:1 in Freetown.
The witness identified himself as a supervisor at the said division, who ensures that everybody reports for duty.
The witness recognised the accused in the dock and stated that on the 29th December, 2023, he was on duty when he received a mobile phone call from his boss, demanding that he prepares a team of Operational Support Division (OSD) personnel to visit the premises of the accused at Kissy Town, Waterloo.
He added that based on the intelligence received they met the accused inside his house with a black plastic, which contains a shot gun and two cartridges.

 He said the accused was arrested and brought to the station and that the accused and the exhibit were handed over to the officer in charge for further investigations.
The witness concluded that their statement was obtained and handed over.
The witness statement was shown in court for identification.
Meanwhile, the accused questioned whether the witness recognised him, but the witness  replied he only recognised him when he was arrested.
The 33-year-old was in court on three count charges ranging from unlawful possession of small arms without license- contrary to Section 11(i) of the Arms and Ammunition Act No.9 of 2012, to unlawful concealment of arms contrary to Regulation 22 of the Arms and Ammunition Regulation of 2014.

The accused on the 29 December 2023, at the Concern Pump, Kissy Town in the Waterloo Judicial District, was found in possession of one short gun and two (2) cartridges without license.

A bail application was made for and behalf of the accused but Magistrate Sahr  Kehkura  refused bail and remanded  the accused persons at the Male Correctional Centre.
The matter was adjourned to the 22 February, 2023. 


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