Accused on remanded for ‘Kush’


By Elizabeth Kamara

Sorieba Kamara made an appearance before Magistrate Mark Ngegba of Court No.1 on Pademba Road in Freetown for unlawful possession of Kush and Canabi Sativa.

The accused person is standing trial on two count charges to wit unlawful possession of Kush contrary to Section 8(2) iv (a) of the National Drug Enforcement Act of 2008.

It was alleged that on diverse dates, Saturday 2nd of September 2023, at Wilkinson Road, Lumley Police Station check point, in the Freetown, the accused person was found in possession of fifty-one wraps of Kush and cannabis sativa weighed of 25.9 grams without lawful authority.

Police officer, John Momoh Turay, recalled on the 3rd of September 2023.

 He said  he was on duty when ASP Osman Mansaray attached at the Lumley Police Station arrested and brought in Sorieba Kamara of No.21 Regent Street  and reported that on Sunday the 3rd  September 2023 at Wilkinson Road, Lumley check point, the accused was found in possession of dry leaves suspected to be cannabis  sativa and  Kush.

He said the matter was allocated to him for investigation and that the accused person was cautioned with regards to the allegations.

He said the accused person made a statement, which he read and explained to him and he admitted it to be true and correct.

He said he later sent the quantity for a laboratory examination and that when the report was out, it was discovered that the substances were Kush and cannibias sativa.

He said the accused person was charged with the offence of unlawful possession of cannabis sativa and Kush.

The statement was tendered while the exhibit was given to the exhibit clerk.

The matter was adjourned to the 22nd September 2023 for further hearings


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